[Matrix-SIG] Proclamation: column-wise arrays (fwd)

Robin Becker robin@jessikat.demon.co.uk
Fri, 4 Feb 2000 16:14:04 +0000

In article <14490.54389.402267.647564@nem-srvr.stsci.edu>, Paul Barrett
<Barrett@stsci.edu> writes
>Andrew Mullhaupt writes:
>> ... It's too bad that anyone was ever allowed to do row-major stuff,
>> but it happened long before Python existed. C multidimensional
>> arrays are so crippled that it's better to take no notice of them,
>> but it's too late for that now.
>Please explain to me why column-major arrays are preferrable to
>row-major arrays, other than having to explicitly list every dimension 
>whether its needed or not?  
>Also, isn't this SIG dead and shouldn't this discussion be moved to
> -- Paul

I certainly hope to receive these things by email. If you move to Source
Forge don't I have to sign-on and ask for mail in some way?
Robin Becker