[Matrix-SIG] SIG transition to SourceForge

David Ascher da@ski.org
Fri, 4 Feb 2000 20:54:59 -0800

> > Also, isn't this SIG dead and shouldn't this discussion be moved to
> > SoureForge?
> I have no idea.

Indeed it is.  I think the announcement got a little lost on the list (it
was discussed at IPC8, but of course not everyone could be there).

The idea is to centralize all NumPy-related things on sourceforge, including
the mailing list.  Sourceforge has other nice features like the ability to
conduct polls, which we'll be exercising at some point.

Paul doesn't like to subscribe people automatically to new mailing lists for
very reasonable reasons, so he asked (IIRC) that everyone who'se currently
on matrix-sig and wants to participate in the future development of NumPy
please subscribe to the sourceforge-hosted mailing list, see:

The matrix-sig mailing list will be removed after a suitable period.

See http://sourceforge.net/project/?group_id=1369  for an overview of the
tools available for NumPy development.  One of the nice features of
SourceForge is that it will make it easier for Paul to delegate control,
manage patches, bug reports, etc.

--david ascher