[Matrix-SIG] Numerical python on SourceForge?

Travis Oliphant Oliphant.Travis@mayo.edu
Sat, 8 Jan 2000 19:44:33 -0600 (CST)

> - What parts? Is it important to be compatible with jpython or viper?
>   If nD-arrays go into the core, become they part of the language?

My vote is to eliminate Python Numeric Types and make them all rank-0
arrays.  This would possibly involve changing rank-0 arrays in Numeric so
that don't have so much overhead.  At the very least, arrays and
ufuncs should become standard types and umath and multiarray in the
standard library.

> - I think all the higher level stuff (fft, lapack) should remain an
>   external module.

I agree.

> - Can these modules be separated in a similar form to other modules. I
>   mean, is it achievable to integrate e.g. the cephes module at the
>   same level as Numeric? Or deintegrate e.g. fft on the other hand?

I don't understand what you mean.  Are you talking about distributing
cephes in a "standard" package or tying it more closely to Numeric.  All
of this depends on what goes in to Python itself and what stays a separate

> - Should there be provisions made for the inclusion of new packages
>   into the source tree? This inflicts with the progress of the
>   distutils package.

I think a separate project could handle "new packages" and take the Python
core and extend it with all kinds of Math goodies.

> - Should the documentation be made compatible to the normal python
>   module documentation? I would volunteer to reformat the
>   documentation.

Yes, definitely if it is going to be part of the language.

> - Are our needs fulfilled by sourceforge? I mean a first step would
>   be a public CVS (anonymous checkout, restricted checkin)

I'm not sure.  Lot's of people seem to be using sourceforge and it sure
looks nice.  Certainly a CVS server would be a start with multiple people
allowed to check changes in.

> - Will gist be also part of this ``outsourcing''?

Gist is very nice but should definitely be an add-on, 

> - Can some parts be restructured? I think about the array_map from
>   Travis and some code from the arrayfns module.

What do you mean restructured?  Do you mean that array_map and other
functions from arrayfns should go into the Python core along with the
basic modules?  If so then I think that would be useful.
> - Is it possible to include also some more IO stuff at the ``basic''
>   module level?
I agree.  If the NumPy type is in the Python core then we need something
like numpyiomodule to get data into arrays quickly.

> Stop!

Please don't, let's keep going and get the ball rolling again.

> Just as a side note, our perl counterpart pdl is already at
> sourceforge :-)