[Matrix-SIG] Numerical python on SourceForge?

skaller skaller@maxtal.com.au
Tue, 11 Jan 2000 07:20:49 +1100

Paul Barrett wrote:
>    Instead of specifying a
>    single type code, you specify a list of type codes.  Therefore it
>    would seem logical to merge my record module into Numeric, assuming
>    Numeric cannot do what my module can.  I'm hoping that this is what
>    Max Skaller is suggesting.

	No: I'm suggesting arrays be generalised to allow the type
of element to be either a number or an array; more generally,
_any_ data type.

	By using 'PyObjectType', this would make an array equivalent to
a tuple, but this isn't really the intent, so much as making arrays
of arrays of arrays of floats available (where _each_ array can
be arbitrary rank)

	The reason for doing this is that by manipulating
the shape of an array of arrays of float, we can decide where the
'data' sits, which affects how we can apply functions like 'map'
to the arrays. Note that the _storage_ for an array of arrays of
floats does NOT store any PyObjects: its just maps the shape
onto a linear array of floats. (Same as NumPy does now).

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