[Matrix-SIG] Numerical Python Project

Paul F. Dubois pauldubois@home.com
Sun, 16 Jan 2000 12:43:53 -0800

The Numerical Python Project is in the process of establishing itself at
SourceForge, http://numpy.sourceforge.net.

To register as a user of SourceForge go to http://sourceforge.net.

Use the Numerical Python webpage above to get to the Numerical Python
Project page at SourceForge. On that page you will find links to current
releases, the CVS repository, bug tracking facility, etc. We are just
getting up and running but you can check out the sources using anonymous CVS
by following directions given in the CVS link. (Note: unlike FTP, the
anonymous password required is blank -- just use the Enter key. They say
this but up above the lines that catch your eye).

The project developers are David Ascher, Travis Oliphant, and myself. Once
we are settled in we will entertain requests to become codevelopers.
However, for now we would like to keep it simple.

The remainder of the LLNL-distributed packages will be relocated as well
during the next two months. The current web server, xfiles.llnl.gov, is both
unstable and about to disappear behind a firewall. The ftp site
ftp-icf.llnl.gov will be redirected to a new machine at that time.  The
situation now is: Numerical only is located at SourceForge; other packages
haven't been updated and so the LLNLDistribution11.tgz file is the "latest"
for those.

Due to the new firewall plans, it is better not to try to distribute this
software from LLNL itself, and by some miracle SourceForge has appeared in
the nick of time and offers us a truly superior location. This switch does
not represent any diminution of LLNL's participation or interest in the
Python scene.

Parties willing to make and install binary releases for Windows and Mac will
be needed. For the moment, only source is available at the SourceForge site.