[Matrix-SIG] Numerical Python Project

Robin Becker robin@jessikat.demon.co.uk
Mon, 17 Jan 2000 10:52:06 +0000

In article <NDBBIEFMILBFPMDHJIMFCEOACBAA.pauldubois@home.com>, Paul F. Dubois
<pauldubois@home.com> writes
>The Numerical Python Project is in the process of establishing itself at
>SourceForge, http://numpy.sourceforge.net.
>To register as a user of SourceForge go to http://sourceforge.net.
>Use the Numerical Python webpage above to get to the Numerical Python
>Project page at SourceForge. On that page you will find links to current

I'm trying to build 15 with win32 vc++ 6.0 distutils 0.1.2 I get the following output which is
messed up by my lack of a proper shell. The upshot is that it fails to find libpython15.lib
which is obviously a unixism since I do have python15.lib in my libs area. Is this a Numerical
setup error or is it in distutils?

(Numerical-15.1) 1 % python setup.py build
LINK : fatal error LNK1181: cannot open input file "libpython15.lib"
running build
running build_py
creating build
creating build\lib
copying Lib\ArrayPrinter.py -> build\lib
copying Lib\FFT.py -> build\lib
copying Lib\LinearAlgebra.py -> build\lib
copying Lib\MLab.py -> build\lib
copying Lib\Matrix.py -> build\lib
copying Lib\Numeric.py -> build\lib
copying Lib\Precision.py -> build\lib
copying Lib\RandomArray.py -> build\lib
copying Lib\UserArray.py -> build\lib
running build_ext
C:\PROGRA~1\MICROS~1\VC98\BIN\cl.exe /nologo -IC:\PYTHON\include\python1.5 -IC:\PYTHON\include -
IInclude /c /FoSrc/_numpymodule.obj /TcSrc/_numpymodule.c
C:\PROGRA~1\MICROS~1\VC98\BIN\cl.exe /nologo -IC:\PYTHON\include\python1.5 -IC:\PYTHON\include -
IInclude /c /FoSrc/arrayobject.obj /TcSrc/arrayobject.c
C:\PROGRA~1\MICROS~1\VC98\BIN\cl.exe /nologo -IC:\PYTHON\include\python1.5 -IC:\PYTHON\include -
IInclude /c /FoSrc/ufuncobject.obj /TcSrc/ufuncobject.c
creating build\platlib
C:\PROGRA~1\MICROS~1\VC98\BIN\link.exe /DLL /nologo /LIBPATH:C:\PYTHON\libs libpython15.lib
Src/_numpymodule.obj Src/arrayobject.obj Src/ufuncobject.obj /OUT:build\platlib\_numpy.dll
Traceback (innermost last):
  File "setup.py", line 29, in ?
    ext_modules = [('_numpy',
  File "C:\PYTHON\distutils\core.py", line 96, in setup
    dist.run_commands ()
  File "C:\PYTHON\distutils\core.py", line 442, in run_commands
    self.run_command (cmd)
  File "C:\PYTHON\distutils\core.py", line 491, in run_command
    cmd_obj.run ()
  File "C:\PYTHON\distutils\command\build.py", line 52, in run
    self.run_peer ('build_ext')
  File "C:\PYTHON\distutils\core.py", line 802, in run_peer
    self.distribution.run_command (command)
  File "C:\PYTHON\distutils\core.py", line 491, in run_command
    cmd_obj.run ()
  File "C:\PYTHON\distutils\command\build_ext.py", line 146, in run
    self.build_extensions (self.extensions)
  File "C:\PYTHON\distutils\command\build_ext.py", line 243, in build_extensions
  File "C:\PYTHON\distutils\msvccompiler.py", line 180, in link_shared_object
    self.spawn ( [ self.link ] + ld_args )
  File "C:\PYTHON\distutils\ccompiler.py", line 421, in spawn
    spawn (cmd, verbose=self.verbose, dry_run=self.dry_run)
  File "C:\Python\distutils\spawn.py", line 37, in spawn
    _spawn_nt (cmd, search_path, verbose, dry_run)
  File "C:\Python\distutils\spawn.py", line 68, in _spawn_nt
    raise DistutilsExecError("command failed: %d" % rc) 
distutils.errors.DistutilsExecError: command failed: 1181
Robin Becker