[Matrix-SIG] Active arrays

Nathaniel Gray n8gray@earthlink.net
Wed, 19 Jan 2000 10:40:24 -0800

Travis Oliphant wrote:
> One final request:  If someone as a better idea as to what to call this
> property instead of active, I'm open to suggestions.

It would be nice to see something a bit more descriptive than 'active',
although I can't think of anything better off the top of my head.  Since
the issue at hand (I believe) is controlling precision, something along
the lines of 'precise' or 'strongPrecision' would be more informative. 
Maybe 'strongCasting' would be better, since casting is the process
being controlled.  In any case, I would like to suggest that some
thought be given to the name -- there are already too many 'active'
doodads in computing today.

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