[Matrix-SIG] Re: Build problem under Solaris 2.6

Clay Spence x3039 cspence@sarnoff.com
Thu, 20 Jan 2000 14:04:05 -0500

I wrote:

> I'm having a problem building release 14 under Solaris 2.6 with Sun's C
> compiler.  The following occurs:
> cholla 332% python setup.py build install
> running build
> <snip>
> Src/_numpymodule.c:
> "Src/_numpymodule.c", line 48: undefined symbol:
> PyArray_FromDimsAndDataAndDescr_NUM
> "Src/_numpymodule.c", line 48: undefined symbol:
> PyArray_FromDimsAndDataAndDescr
> cc: acomp failed for Src/_numpymodule.c

and more stuff.  Travis Oliphant suggested the solution:  The compiler was finding the header file arrayobject.h from my
installation of an older version, because the python include directory appears first in the sequence of -I's.  Deleting
the old arrayobject.h (which was a link anyway) fixed the problem.

I'll leave it to others to decide whether something about the distribution should be changed to handle this situation.
(Or maybe I didn't read the installation instructions carefully enough?)