[Matrix-SIG] RE: Authoring tools (was Active arrays)

Andrew P. Mullhaupt amullhau@zen-pharaohs.com
Fri, 21 Jan 2000 13:29:50 -0500

> > > Never tried DocBook.
> LaTeX allows people to define macros and makes writers think like
> programmers.  Bad idea. =)  Many many folks don't know LaTeX but would be
> able to pick up a WYSIWYG editor easily.

So use Scientific Word which produces LaTeX output but is basically a word
processor if you want that. You can essentially dial up how much LaTeX pain
you want to enjoy. I've written thousands of pages of LaTeX and I started
refusing to know TeX before there was LaTeX. TeX is ridiculous, of course,
what else would you expect from a guy who still wants his own assembler
language in that book?

> I refuse to use LaTeX.  Can't even justify why, it's a gut reaction after
> writing too many papers, a several-hundred page dissertation with it,
> spending waaaayy too many hours debugging poorly written LaTeX macros,
> fussing with DVI, PS, EPS, bounding boxes, BibTeX, fussy installations,
> missing fonts, bad HTML conversion, etc.

Next time try Scientific Word.

Andrew Mullhaupt