[medusa] warning: server accept() threw an exception

rushing@n... rushing@n...
Mon, 8 Feb 1999 14:24:02 -0800 (PST)

ray@u... writes:
> Any idea what causes this this error to occur dozens of times in a row?
> When it happens, the server will stop serving process and only print this
> message.. sometimes hundreds of times and stopping http access for 2-30
> seconds.

I have seen this sort of thing usually when bumping up against a
file-descriptor limit. You may be able to verify this by looking at
the number of open descriptors at the time the error is being thrown
(sometimes you can get this from a /proc filesystem, otherwise you
could add a bit of code to asyncore.loop() to see how many descriptors
are being fed to select()).

> I have noticed that the problem may be load related; it often begins when
> the server is processing over 3k hits per hour, but does not incease in
> frequency above that. But, it also occurs when hits are below 2k/hour.

You might still be hitting descriptor limits under a lighter load if
too many connections or files are staying open...

> Using Medusa server (v3.19) serving only Bobo applications via the
> bobo_handler (v1.03) on Solaris 2.6

Note also that if bobo is opening many files this will also take away
from your budget.

I've been told that Solaris is one of the better OS' for dynamically
configuring around such limits; but I don't currently have a copy
running to look into it myself.


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