[medusa] Re: Hideously long selects?

Jim Fulton jim@d...
Wed, 01 Sep 1999 08:11:47 -0400

skip@m... wrote:
> [ long timeout ramblings deleted ]
> I tried shortening the select timeout to 2.0 seconds. Same problem.
> When I made the change I noticed that I picked the wrong version of
> asyncore.py to modify. When I compared them I got the following
> version info:
> The version from ZServer had:
> $Id: asyncore.py,v 1.2 1999/04/09 00:37:33 amos Exp $

This is the number it has in the Zope CVS repository.

> The Python (1.5.2+) version had:
> $Id: asyncore.py,v 1.2 1999/06/08 13:20:05 guido Exp $
> Any chance I'm seeing some version skew problems?

This is the number it has in the medusa CVS repository.
Obviously, this should be handled better somehow......
but I'm not sure how.


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