[medusa] running medusa in the background without exit

jam jam@n...
Tue, 7 Sep 1999 10:27:42 -0400


I've been using the 1999-09-02 rev of medusa for the last few days, and it's
working *great*.

the question I have, though, since medusa exits when it gets a SIGHUP, is
how do I keep the server running in the background even when I log out? I
have set up apache to redirect all requests on port 80 to the medusa server
on port 8080.. this is fine when I start medusa from my shell prompt and let
it go, and I could use 'nohup' to prevent it from exiting, but then I
wouldn't be able to restart it without a fuss (something I need to be able
to do until the 'reload' of modules on-the-fly is working. 

how do other folks handle this situation? any suggestions? 

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