[medusa] Re: tweaks to asyn{core,chat}.py

Robin Becker robin@j...
Sat, 20 Nov 1999 11:06:56 +0000

In article <>, Amos
Latteier <amos@a...> writes
>>I've been looking at how zombies are handled in Zope. seems that zope
>>has an zhttp_channel analogous to http_channel; it has the zombie stuff,
>>but without the maintainance thing so the kill_zombies method doesn't
>>seem to get called.
>I'm pretty sure that it *does* get called. zhttp_channel calls
>check_maintenance upon initialization. 

OK I checked and you are right, but since the kill_zombies only happens
every 500 creations things can persist a long time. My mistake. I guess
in the worst case a large number of sockets (<500) could be zombies
which would be bad for systems with small fd limits.

>> I noticed that ftp_server doesn't have a zombie
>>timeout is there an obvious reason why not?
>I've wondered about this too.

Robin Becker