[medusa] Re: any performance info?

Stuart Zakon sjz18@y...
Fri, 26 Nov 1999 09:08:47 -0800

Thanks for the performance info. I've also pulled down some of the
research papers (Proactor, Reactor patterns) which have a lot of the

*So I don't have to dig down too deep myself, how do thttpd and Zeus
achieve greater performance if they use an asynch scheme? Is it because
they are closer to the kernel?

*Has anybody done anything with asynch for reverse DNS lookups?

*Is your overview "Programming in Python with Medusa and the Async
Sockets Library", which I found very useful, directly accessible on a
web site without having to open the distribution? (Would be helpful for
linking to from other pages.)

*Does your mailing list exploder use the poll() approach?