[medusa] How to keep python interpreter persistent?

Sam Rushing rushing@n...
Fri, 2 Jun 2000 15:00:08 -0700 (PDT)

Jilani Khaldi writes:
> I am new to medusa and I really like it. I wonder if it is possible
> to have only one instance of python interpreter for all cgi
> scripts.

This is one of the main ideas behind medusa, to keep the server
running in a single process in order to make it easy to maintain

Take a look at medusa/script_handler.py, and the files in the
script_handler_demo.py directory.

The main drawback with Medusa's 'CGI' model is that it can't be used
for processing that would 'block' the rest of the server. Processing
should be quick.

For example, building a medusa server around a bsddb works well, but
you can't (easily) make connections to an external SQL database,
process, or server where the queries might take on the order of

To solve that problem, check out the eGroups coroutine stuff here: