[medusa] Medusa and web applications on Linux&C magazine

Paul Everitt paul@d...
Wed, 7 Jun 2000 08:30:07 -0400

Jilani wrote:
> You are right Petru, but Zope is only apparently easy, and 
> once you have a
> problem it will be very difficult to solve, seen the 
> compexity of the product.
> All in Zope would be saved in a database and if your database 

This isn't true. Skip Montanaro (long-time Python insider) doesn't use
the object database. He just uses the publisher and template portion.

That's why everything is arranged as Python packages. To be modular.
You can use the publisher, the template system, and the object database
independently of each other.

> is go corrupted,
> you loose everything and it is not a nice thing. PHP and 
> Apache are very
> flexible, but I need a solution made at home using medusa as 
> web server and
> python. A simple and homogeneous solution to pubblish on Linux&C
> (http://www.oltrelinux.com), the first italian magazine 
> dedicated to Linux and

Heh heh, you should check out:


> FreeBSD. For the moment I am writing a series of articles about
> Interbase-Apache-PHP for web applications development, and I 
> think the next
> articles will be about GadFly-medusa-python for small web 
> applications.We have
> more than 30.000 readers monthly, so it will be interesting 
> to promove medusa
> this way.

That's fine to have an agenda, but at least 

> Our goal is to promove freeware and open source; but all 
> freeware and open
> source. Apache doesn't need any more tam tam, but small and 
> interesting
> software like medusa need to be much more known.
> I am still wainting for help to go on. Any help will be welcome.

It's OK to have an agenda (promote Medusa). At least, though, don't say
things about Zope that aren't true (such as your statement above about
the object database).