[medusa] Question: killing/shuting down asyncore servers

Sam Rushing rushing@n...
Sun, 1 Oct 2000 11:55:00 -0700 (PDT)

Jim Fulton writes:
> Fredrik Lundh wrote:
> > jim wrote:
> > > How are other folks solving this problem?
> > 
> > by calling the set_reuse_addr method on the listening socket?
> Ah. Reading Stevens, it looks like all servers should set this.
> This solves the "address already in use" problem. I wonder whi all
> medusa servers don'e set this. I'll make sure all of ours do.

Presumably there are situations where you'd not want to take over the
socket (or share it with an existing process? I'm not sure what the
semantics are). I didn't want to make it the default, but I did wrap
the setsockopt() calls to make it as easy as possible. [Hmmm.. and it
looks like I call it for the base http and ftp server classes]