[medusa] Multithreaded Medusa

Itay Zandbank zmbq@a...
Wed, 4 Oct 2000 19:04:56 +0300

> You won't get a drastic improvement in performance using Python, since
only one thread
> can be in the interpreter at a time. There are exotic ways to get around
this involving
> running two interpreters, but I haven't tried them.

Oh, RIGHT! I can't believe I missed that. Running several processes is not
a bad idea, actually. I already have a root process that's responsible for
spawning a child process which will do all the work (the root process is
there to shut the child down gracefully, without cutting existing
connections). Changing it to run several children instead of just one is
going to be pretty easy.

> I raised this same issue a while ago. At least asyncore now lets
> you specify alternate socket maps. :)

Who cares? I don't need this any more :-)