Simple subclassing of http-server

thomas@c... thomas@c...
Tue, 24 Oct 2000 10:40:26 -0000

I want to subclass medusas http-server-class so that I can write my 
own request handler. The server is going to serve xml.

I've looked at the docs/tutorial but I cannot figure out where to put 
my own handler, so that I can pick the requested url apart, use the 
submitted data to find what data to send back to the client.

The simpleHTTPServer in the standard python distro has a simpler or 
at least more understandable approach, so if anybody could show me 
how to get something similar to that to work with I'd be glad.

The only thing I need is to have a place to insert my method and let 
it return data based on the url the user typed in the browser. If I 
can sublclass something and do it in my own subclass that would be 
the best solution. It would be nice to leave the medusa-code alone.