medusa with pythonw.exe

gunter gb@a...
Mon, 13 Nov 2000 10:16:14 -0000

Hi folks!

I've got a problem using medusa on windows98.

I've written an programm which uses an browser-frontend and an python
server part. I suceeded in installing the server on windows98 and
running the client on the same machine (no problems so far...)

My project uses medusa as server. As long as I am starting my script
with python.exe it works fine. Now I want to use pythonw.exe because
it does not open an ugly DOS-Box-Window. But now medusa seems to be
Somtimes some requests are returning "internal server errors". 
I am using an "script_handler.persistent_script_handler".

I think my scripts are ok, because the errors occure also in
GET-Requests to the "default_handler.default_handler(file_system)"

any ideas?