[medusa] CPU utilization optimization?

Bill Tutt billtut@m...
Tue, 3 Apr 2001 10:03:40 -0700

Python isn't completely thread safe. It has a lock that must be acquired
before any Python C API may be called. This is what causes the behavior
you're seeing.

The easiest way to work around the problem is to move more of your code
into Python extensions written in C/C++/whatever that don't rely on
Python API calls to do the majority of your work. (Assuming the
performance you're getting isn't good enough.)


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I'm running Medusa on a dual-processor Compaq Proliant server running 
Win-2K Advanced Server. When the application starts (even when idle) 
the CPU utilization jumps to 50% right off the bat. Does anyone 
knows if this is normal or if there is a way to improve CPU 

Thanks in advance,
Carlos Perez


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