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Wed, 30 May 2001 22:13:42 -0000

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> > Also, it appears there may be a problem connecting to medusa if 
> > simply
> > try connecting on the local machine as http://localhost/
> Is is set to run on port 80? You may need to access it like this:
> http://localhost:8080/
> which is the default.. as I remember.

Thanks for the info. I think there is actually a bug here. I'm using 
Python 2.1 (ActivePython build 210) on Windows 2000 Pro. I'm using 
port 80. If I configure as:
then I can connect with IE from the same machine using 
http://localhost/ as expected. However, I am then unable to connect 
to the server from either the local machine or another machine on the 
LAN using either the IP address or DNS name of the server machine. If 
I configure the IP_ADDRESS to use the actual IP address, then I can't 
connect as localhost or via which is the same thing. 
Somehow the binding is broken. I tested using a simple telnet 
connection to port 80 and got the same results.

Normally, a simple server would do something like:

from socket import * # get socket constructor and constants
myHost = '' # server machine, '' means local host
myPort = 80 # port to listen on

sockobj = socket(AF_INET, SOCK_STREAM) # make a TCP socket object
sockobj.bind((myHost, myPort)) # bind it to server port number 
sockobj.listen(5) # listen, allow 5 pending connects

I haven't looked at the code for medusa yet, but the above code 
definitely works for localhost or using the real IP address or DNS