Adding/removing handlers dynamically

Thomas Weholt Thomas@g...
Tue, 7 Aug 2001 09:48:40 +0200

I need to add/remove handlers dynamically. I got a modular web-server that
searches a given folder for new handlers, when it finds one it would be cool
to have it install it without restarting the server, all automatic. If I
could build a server that search for new handlers at a given interval,
installs all new, removes all handlers that have been removed, it would open
for some really cool features.

Any hints on how to implement a way of loading handlers dynamically would
also be great.

( This is for a distributed network model, where each node/server runs
several user-specified/user-built web-services. Communication between the
nodes are done using xml-rpc. The development is moving along nicely using
Medusa as foundation. thanks to everyone involved in the project. If I just
could get dynamic loading/reload of modules/handlers to work it would really
be a cool killer-app written in python. In my own humble opionon. ;-) )