[Medusa-dev] Incomplete response for /status on some Windows browsers

Hamish Lawson hbl@st-andrews.ac.uk
Tue, 10 Sep 2002 18:42:03 +0100

[I sent this message to the list before, but a day later it still hadn't 
shown up in the web archives. In case my post was rejected because I wasn't 
subscribed at the time, I've since subscribed and am now sending the 
message again. My apologies to the list if you have already received this.]

When fetching the /status page from a Medusa HTTP server, I'm finding that 
some browsers get a truncated page or none at all and the browser keeps 
waiting for the response to complete. The browsers experiencing the problem 
are IE 5.5 and Opera 6.05, while Netscape 4.8 is fine; these are all 
running on Windows 2000.

Static pages (some of them lengthy) seem to be served fine.

The Medusa HTTP server is running on Solaris 8 for Sparc using Python 2.2.

Hamish Lawson