[Medusa-dev] [Medusa bug and patch] XML-RPC replies silently truncated to 1024 characters

Andrew Kuchling akuchlin@mems-exchange.org
Wed, 18 Sep 2002 15:25:29 -0400

On Tue, Sep 17, 2002 at 11:35:32AM +0200, Stephane Bortzmeyer wrote:
>Here is a patch which works for me. The bug is in http_server which
>does not check that the default buffer size is sufficient for the
>reply. I add a test script as well.

simple_producer is a very small class, and I see no way it would just
truncate data larger than its buffer size.  

class simple_producer:
    "producer for a string"
    def __init__ (self, data, buffer_size=1024):
        self.data = data
        self.buffer_size = buffer_size

    def more (self):
        if len (self.data) > self.buffer_size:
            result = self.data[:self.buffer_size]
            self.data = self.data[self.buffer_size:]
            return result
            result = self.data
            self.data = ''
            return result

(Unless this is a multithreaded program, and two threads are running
the more() method at the same time... in that case more() might well
return bogus results.)

The bug must be somewhere else; maybe something is calling .more()
exactly once and never again.  The only relevant caller of more() I
can find is refill_buffer() in asynchat.py, but after a casual
reading, that code looks OK.  

Anyone got some more clues?