[Medusa-dev] Asyncore looping

Cavazos, Gustavo Gustavo.Cavazos at emergis.com
Tue Dec 17 20:38:34 EST 2002

As it turns out, other programs using asyncore started looping
and are now CPU bound, besides the ftp server. I also found this
comment on google:

>In article <5lr9k84777.fsf@eric.cnri.reston.va.us>,
>Guido van Rossum  <guido@cnri.reston.va.us> wrote:
>aahz@netcom.com (Aahz Maruch) writes:
>> asyncore (which Medusa is built on) includes this functionality.  It can
>> be kind of trippy to just telnet to a blind socket and get a Python
>> interpreter session.
>Really?  I don't see a trace of this in the version of asyncore I have
>in the standard Python library!  I'd love to have this feature!
>As Fredrik pointed out, it's actually in the Medusa distribution.
>One warning: as is typical with asyncore applications, the monitor
>doesn't work if one of the queue objects fails to return.  (E.g. stuck
>in an infinite loop.)

Of interest is this last comment regarding that one of the queue objects
fails to return essentially looping the program. This would explain why
all of the sudden the program go CPU bound.

Can anyone shed light on the subject.

BTW, I am using Python 2.2 on Solaris 8 or 9

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