[Medusa-dev] RE: [Quixote-users] Poor upload (POST) performance... [PATCH]

Jason E. Sibre jsibre at sibre.org
Mon Feb 16 13:26:51 EST 2004

> Would you mind patching medusa_http, adding your new handler, and
> posting it?

Ok, here's a fix revolving aroung the medusa_http.py file (in
Quixote/servers).  Medusa is unaffected by this patch.  The patch adds a
Collector class to medusa_http (which is a fixed version of the
xmlrpc_handler.collector), and utilizes it.  Since this will only affect
Quixote users, no attempt has been made to provide backward-compatibility on
Collector.data attribute accesses.  (I can't see where a Qx user would ever
need to mess with the collector directly, so it seems silly to worry about

This patch is written on top of the last patch I submitted against
medusa_http, so if the line numbers don't match, it's because you're missing
the other patch :)

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