[melbourne-pug] Help understanding import metadata error

Ryan Kelly ryan at rfk.id.au
Mon Dec 8 21:58:00 CET 2008

Hi Anton,

> 	Traceback (most recent call last):
> 	File "setup.py", line 7, in <module>
> 	import metadata
> 	ImportError: No module named metadata
> I need help understanding this error.

Judging from the lines at the top of setup.py, it's expecting to find
the package "metadata" in the top-level source directory - but obviously
it isn't there.

A quick grep through the source reveals that setup.py is the only file
trying to use this module:

rfk at rambutan:~/PyOpenGL-3.0.0b8$ grep -r metadata *
OpenGL/error.py:		"""Initialise the GLError, storing metadata for later
setup.py:import metadata
setup.py:		**metadata.metadata

So perhaps you can just comment out the two uses of "metadata" in
setup.py?  I just tried this and it seems to install OK, but I don't
have any tests to run to see if it broke anything.



Ryan Kelly
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