[melbourne-pug] Reminder: Next meeting: Tuesday 11th August

Richard Jones r1chardj0n3s at gmail.com
Mon Aug 10 05:55:54 CEST 2009


The next meeting of the Melbourne Python Users Group will be on  
Tuesday the 11th of August starting at 6:30pm. We'll have use of their  
projector and time for several short presentations or lightning talks.

Meeting details, location and talks list are at:


15 minute talks

* Martin Schweitzer "Primetime Wordfinding"... It's a rather novel  
algorithm that I (re)discovered(?)* for finding word matches when  
given a group of letters (eg. think of the puzzle in the age where you  
have a grid with 9 letters and have to find words). I then noticed  
that it had applications to other fields such as bioinformatics (which  
I won't go into in the talk [unless, of course, there is a particular  
interest]). It also has a very nice representation in Python - which I  
will mention.
* Richard Jones ... a new cool thing I'm working on
5 minute lightning talks

* Chris Miles "Intro to PSI (Python System Information)"

If you've seen something cool or are doing something cool then we'd  
like you to tell everyone about it! Presentations could be 5 minutes  
or up to 15 minutes if you'd like to ramble for a bit longer. I'll be  
getting up to talk a bit about my experiences playing with IronPython  
- what's cool and what's downright odd :)

If you've got an idea for a talk just add it to the wiki page.


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