Barry A. Warsaw Barry A. Warsaw" <bwarsaw@cnri.reston.va.us
Mon, 28 Aug 1995 11:56:29 -0400

>>>>> "Jim" == Jim Fulton, U S Geological Survey <jfulton@usgs.gov> writes:

    Jim> Could you establish the matrix-sig and gui-sig mailing lists
    Jim> so that we could proceed with these discussions?
    Jim> Alternatively, I could establish these on my machine.

    Jim> Also, were you going to set these up with archives?  I'd like
    Jim> to have them automatically archived, possibly with the
    Jim> WWW-front end.

    Jim> Also, could you send me the sign-up instructions so that I
    Jim> can announce the mailing lists in the newsgroup?


My apologies for letting this slide.  I got swamped and your message
got buried in my Inbox.

I've just created both the gui-sig and matrix-sig mailing lists on
python.org.  They essentially mirror the existing meta-sig list,
except that I've made you (jfulton@usgs.gov) the owner of both lists.
Although it appears you don't currently have an account on python.org,
I'm not opposed to giving you one.  Let's talk out of band about this.
Give me a call (703-620-8990) and I'll also give you the lists'
passwords so you can do remote administrivia with the lists.

As I mentioned in my meta-sig postings (see the archives under
meta-sig-request@python.org),  messages go to <topic>-sig@python.org
and administrivia (adds, deletes, md commands) go to
<topic>-sig-request@python.org, where <topic> here is `gui' or
`matrix'.  I've put a boilerplate .config, .info, and .passwd file in
place for both lists, though I'm sure you'll want to edit the
<topic>.info file.

Both lists are archived, and can be retrieved with the md `file'
command sent to the list's administrivia account.  Both lists
currently have empty subscription lists, so you'll have to add even
yourself.  Just send the message `subscribe' in the *body* of your
message to <topic>-sig-request@python.org.

That's everything I can think of.  If you have any problems, you can
contact me directly and we'll iron out the problems.

Again, sorry for the delay.


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