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Guido van Rossum said:
> Now that Barry's created the matrix and gui sigs, I've added their
> email addresses to the sigs web page on python.org.  I guess Jim
> should prepare a little introduction to be placed in the <topic>.info
> files and also post that to the net so people are aware of the new
> sigs.  (I could then also change the description of the sigs in the
> sigs web page.)


  Special Interest Group for a Common Python Graphical User Interface

    Over a dozen graphical user-interface Python modules have been
    developed.  While this speaks to the power of Python's extension
    capabilities, there is significant interest in defining a commonly
    available GUI system for Python that would facilitate the
    interchage of and cooperation on tools, such as software
    development environments, that require or benefit from GUI

    At the second Python workshop there was discussion and nearly
    unanimous agreement on a number of points:

      o A commonly available GUI extension for Python would be a good
        thing to facilitate the sharing of GUI tools and tools that
	use GUIs.
      o There is no desire to discourage the developement of other GUI

      o The extension should run on a variety of platforms (e.g. Unix,
        MS-Windows, Mac, ...?)

      o The extension should be freely available and compilable with
        readily and freely available tools.

      o The extension should preserve native look-and-feel, preferably
        by using native libraries.

      o We hope to compare available extensions at the 3rd Python

      o We need to identify one or more sample applications to be
        developed with the different extensions.

    The purpose of this special interest group is to:

      o Discuss and define sample applications to be used for
        comparing GUI extensions.

      o Coordinate development of sample applications with candidate

      o Possibly discuss and refine GUI extension requirements.

      o Plan for GUI session at the 3rd workshop.

      o Coordinate selection of the common GUI extension and the 
        development tools based on this extension.


(I need to review my notes on the 2nd workshop GUI session, which I
don't have with me.)


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