[PYTHON META-SIG] __doc__-string SIG?

Ken Manheimer ken.manheimer@nist.gov
Tue, 29 Aug 1995 15:10:32 -0400 (EDT)

On Tue, 29 Aug 1995, Jim Fulton, U.S. Geological Survey wrote:

> Wasn't someone supposed to start a SIG on __doc__-string style (and
> perhaps organization) issues?  Or is this part of a broader
> documentation sig?

I would not expect docstrings to warrant a sig of their own.  I could see
it being part of a broader documentation sig, were such a thing in full
swing, but i think at this point, at least, it would be best to just post
your ideas to the list at large. 

Which brings me to ponder exactly when a sig is, and when it is not, 

I'm inclined to think ("inclined to think" - odd image:) that sigs should
be reserved for ongoing, specific issues, but that the list-at-large
should be used for everything else:

 - questions (and answers)
 - one-shot, general, and transient discussions
 - announcements of SIG events:
   - introductions of new sigs/sig topics
   - conclusions and intermediate resolutions reached on the SIGs
   - In addition, i think it would be good to have proposals produced in 
     sigs, particularly language-enhancement proposals and such, to be 
     aired on the list at large once they're resolved, and discussed on 
     the list at large, perhaps, for final contributions.
 - flamage and language wars (not!-)

Which also brings me to something i meant to ask - has anyone announced
the new sigs on the list-at-large, or have plans to do so?  I'm thinking
it would be a good idea, and it would be good to take the opportunity to
include a plug for PSA membership along with it.  Which would mean holding
off until paul's efforts to compose some kind of PSA registration form is
done.  Then do a bit of "This is the kind of thing the PSA can do for you
- consider joining, so the PSA can continue!" 

(Ie, mention the fact that the python.org host, the efforts of the people
contributing to the SIGs, and python development in general (guido!) are
all being promoted by the PSA, and we need evidence of people wanting the
service in order to convince our patrons (digital creations, CNRI!) that 
it is worth their while... )

> I've been working with __doc__ strings quite a bit lately in
> preparation for some software releases and am collecting some
> questions and opinions.

I'll be interested to see what's up.  I think your questions and thoughts
about exposing object docstrings (and types) without generating instances
of the objects are important... 

ken.manheimer@nist.gov, 301 975-3539

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