Greg Stein greg_stein@eshop.com
Wed, 20 Dec 1995 14:10:25 -0800

My intention was to definitely have web-based information. I had hoped to
place these pages at www.python.org. I see no need to house a separate
site. In particular, eShop doesn't have a public server would be any easier
for me to access than the main python server, so I would prefer to put them
there. If there are administrative/security problems with that, then I have
a site or three I can use for the DB SIG pages.


At 7:45 AM 12/20/95, Paul Everitt wrote:
>The writeup looks good.  Greg, do you intend to do as I've done on
>the Locator SIG and have a WWW site w/ Database SIG docs?  If so, and
>you are going to house it there, you might want to put the URL in the
>charter message, or at least on the pointer that goes to Barry.
>I agree with the fast track on this, and also have some things queued up
>for the SIG...

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