Greg Stein greg_stein@eshop.com
Thu, 28 Dec 1995 14:33:43 -0800

Well... it seems nobody has raised any issues with this. Barry - can you
install this as the info for the db-sig mailing list? When you're done,
please let me know and I'll make an announcement on the newsgroup/list.
Also, note that I added a URL at Paul's suggestion, but of course the page
doesn't exist (yet) :-) Axe it if you want and it we can update later. Oh:
the short list of sigs (seen when you send "lists" to majordomo) has
incorrect one-line summaries.

btw, who is in charge of the Python web site? As I mentioned in a previous
note, I'd like to house db-sig pages there if possible.

We've got several items to begin with: Michael's strawman API; I've got a
tuple class that we talked about at lunch (it acts as a tuple, list,
mapping, attributed object); Paul has stuff he's been hanging onto... :-)

DB-SIG, a Special Interest Group for Tabular Databases in Python

This list is intended to work through and resolve issues related to tabular
database access from Python. Being somewhat related, this list may also
cover persistency issues in Python.

The list will cover a number of topics, attempting to produce
documentation, modules, and/or sample code. Based on input from the Third
Python Workshop, the following set of initial topics have been raised:

- uniform tabular database access
   - particularly for commerical SQL databases
   - establish generic method interface for use by modules
- efficient persistence
- possible integration of dbm-style databases

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Majordomo.  For details, send the word `help' in the body of a mail
message to the Administrivia address given below.  The subscription
policy is `open', meaning you can add or delete yourself at any time,
but you cannot add or delete anyone else without approval.

This list is unmoderated and unrestricted.  This means that anybody
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the word `index' in the body of a message to the Administrivia

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List address:  dbc-sig@python.org
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Web info: http://www.python.org/sigs/db-sig.html

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