Greg Stein greg_stein@eshop.com
Thu, 28 Dec 1995 17:10:07 -0800

At 7:46 PM 12/28/95, Ken Manheimer wrote:
>I'm one of the people taking care of python.orgs web pages.  I can
>definitely say that we want to host whatever sig web pages people want
>situated here.  We haven't thought much about how to arrange this,

Great! Having them there seems ideal to me.

>Perhaps it's simple - we'll just take the pages via email or ftp upload
>and put them in place for the sig shepherds.  So long as the traffic
>doesn't become too heavy, this should be quite workable from this side.
>Does that sound ok from the outside?

I was hoping to use ange-ftp directly on the pages. Failing that, an
automated ftp/email upload system might work, but I'd be afraid of posing
too much burden on the web site maintainer (you :-) to deal with moving the

If you are concerned with security re: FTP users, the ftpd mechanism has a
thing called "groups" which allows you to restrict ftp users to a specific
directory tree of the filesystem, much like anonymous users are restricted
to ~ftp. It is pretty cool. All the sig pages could be placed in a tree
assigned to a "siguser" group. I've done this before if you're interested.

>Note that there is already some unfilled slots for this kind of thing -
>the http://www.python.org/sigs dir has some subdirs for some of the
>sigs.  We just haven't followed up, as yet, on populating them (or
>getting the sig shepherds to provide the contents).

Hmm. I took a look and couldn't find any links. There were "mailto" links
for mailing to the lists, but I didn't see pages... you might be able to
create incentive to provide content by placing "info forthcoming..." pages
in there :-).

>I am thick in the middle of some pressing projects, and due to be away 2/3
>of next week.  So i'll try to start filling this in the week after next,
>as time permits. Start thinking about how you would want to populate your
>sig directory, sig shepherds...

No great rush; that time frame seems fine for me! Thanx for the time!


Greg Stein, eShop Inc.

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