[PYTHON META-SIG] Proposal: 'progenv-sig' python programming environment SIG

Ken Manheimer klm@cnri.reston.va.us
Fri, 10 Nov 1995 15:59:29 -0500

The time is ripe...  Shed your shackles, smite the oppressor!

... or, um, er, i mean,

The time is ripe for for a programming environment SIG - in fact, it
may be well past ripe.  Several people have expressed interest in such
an effort - i'm including several in the distribution of this message,
who are not already on the psa-sc mailing list (far as i know), and
have contributed materially to the python programming env.

The topics would include tools, documentation, and other incidentals
which facilitate the actual act of programming in python.  Some
near-term items (which just happen to be pet-issues of mine:) are:

 - an emacs gud-debugging-interface for python debugging (for which
   michael scharf has a good start, last i checked) 
 - interfaces to the emacs oodb and other object-environment browser
   mechanisms (mark hammond seems to have a real nice one in his
   windows python port!)
 - grail extensions for supporting python programming

and so forth.  While the domain of this SIG might eventually coincide
with that of the GUI group, eg in the topic of visual programming, it
is would not be intended to focus on the gui mechanisms, but rather
the programming tools that would capitalize upon them...

I believe we don't have any voting mechanism for SIG creations, but
rather a sanity-check from the meta-sig, and the requirement of a
"shepherd", or whatever we called it, to take accoutability for the
group.  I'll be happy to be that person.

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