Jack Jansen Jack.Jansen@cwi.nl
Tue, 23 Jan 1996 14:02:46 +0100

I think that enough people have shown interest in a Macintosh SIG, so
I guess we should just go ahead and start it. Since no-one volunteered
to coordinate the SIG (actually, the few people who mentioned it at
all explicitly disvolunteered (or is that nolunteered?)) I guess I'll
have to set the ball rolling.

I've appended a first draft of a charter below, please comment. I've
also cc-ed this message to meta-sig, so that the High Priesthood of
Python SIGdom (shining beacon in the mire of SIGs, may their glory be
everlasting, grovel, grovel, etc etc etc) can ponder over it.
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MAC-SIG, Discussions about Python on the Apple Macintosh

The Macintosh Python SIG is used to foster discussions about
mac-specific issues of Python.  It is maintained by the Python
Software Activity, and is administered by Jack Jansen
(jack@cwi.nl). See http://www.python.org/ for details.

The list is primarily meant to discuss design and implementation of
Python on the mac, and possibly coordinate the actual implementation
work done. The topics can include such varying things as a Python
development environment, using Python for CGI-scripts, OSA support,
OpenDoc parts, MacOS toolbox access, Tk, etc.

While the list is developer-oriented this should not stop python-users
(or, in other words, people developing with Python in stead of for
python) to join in the discussions.

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Majordomo.  For details, send the word `help' in the body of a mail
message to the Administrivia address given below.  The subscription
policy is `open', meaning you can add or delete yourself at any time,
but you cannot add or delete anyone else without approval.

This list is unmoderated and unrestricted.  This means that anybody
can post messages to the list.  Messages are archived and available
for download, as are perhaps other useful files.  For details, send
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