[PYTHON META-SIG] SIG Coordinator control of python.org SIG dir contents

Ken Manheimer klm@CNRI.Reston.Va.US
Fri, 17 May 1996 13:42:49 -0400

For those of you on the meta-sig who are managing a PSA SIG:

As threatened for a while now, i've set something up by which SIG
coordinators can upload stuff to their own SIG Web directories on

I needed to do this in a secure way, without enabling login-style
privileges - the setup is a uses special group privileges under
anonymous ftp to python.org, restricted by the password each SIG
coordinator has for their majordomo list.

Rather than go into the details here, you can check the web document
for full instructions:


This lightly covers the majordomo list management, as well (and has a
pointer to an htmlized version of the full majordomo man page).

It is linked into a somewhat reworked SIGs index page:


I expect a shaking-out period as we put this system into use.  Please
let me know about problems, questions, and suggestions on any part of
the setup, and bear with me as we get it working smoothly.

I'd also particularly be interested in any aspects of the system which
you see as being unsafe - please do not be shy about relating any
suspicions of susceptabilitties in the system.  We are trying to
provide more control to the SIG managers, around the world, without
compromising the security of our gracious host site!

One more item - it turns out that there is a SITE-OUTAGE at my site,
SCHEDULED FOR THIS EVENING, starting at around 5:30 PM EDT (i believe
that translates to 21:30 GMT).  So if you're trying it out, do not
expect any joy (or any contact with meaningful contact with
python.org) between 5:30 PM and midnight, EDT!


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