[PYTHON META-SIG] Preparing for IPC-IV

Fred L. Drake fdrake@CNRI.Reston.Va.US
Tue, 28 May 1996 17:21:06 -0400 (EDT)

To SIG Coordinators:

  We are working to finish the program for the Python conference next
week, and are attempting to define the schedules for the Tuesday
morning and Thursday morning sessions more clearly.  Since these times
are dedicated to SIG activities, we would like input from each of the
SIG coordinators.

  Tuesday morning, there is a 2 1/2 to 3 hour time period available
for SIGs to make reports on work performed since the December '95
workshop, or a summary of goals for the group if there hasn't been any

  Thursday morning, there is a 2 to 3 hour period available during
which SIGs may hold working meetings to support activities which are
either difficult to perform by email or otherwise benefit from
in-person meetings.  (This could include just chatting about where the
SIG should be headed, possible projects, or something similar.)  These
working groups may meet in parallel, but some members may be
interested in attending the working groups for other SIGs as well, so
please prepare a (brief) agenda if possible.  We are planning to allow
30 minutes to an hour for "meta" SIG discussions; what is needed from
the PSA or python.org as support for the SIGs, etc.  (Do we need more
than 2 - 3 hours for all this?)

  I need the following information from each SIG coordinator for each
SIG you coordinate:

	1.  How much time you need to present the work of the SIG on
	    Tuesday morning,
	2.  Who will be available to make the presentation if you
	    won't be attending the conference,
	3.  How long you would like your SIG to meet on Thursday,
	4.  Which SIGs you can't work in parallel with.  (If you
	    coordinate more than one SIG, you don't need to tell me.)

  Please send this information directly to me to be sure I get it as
quickly as possible (fdrake@cnri.reston.va.us).

  We would like to have this information no later than Thursday
morning so that it can make it into the conference program.  Thank you
for your time in responding to this late request.


Fred L. Drake, Jr.
Corporation for National Reseach Initiatives
1895 Preston White Drive
Reston, VA	   22091

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