[PYTHON META-SIG] Refinement of guidelines for sig-manager web dir maintenance

Ken Manheimer klm@CNRI.Reston.Va.US
Fri, 31 May 1996 17:38:07 -0400

For all you sig managers out there just aching to try out remote
administration of your sig dir contents, i've added a bit to the
instructions.  A maintainer of one of www.python.org mirrors encountered
some problems with rooted paths in sig document URLs - you have to be
careful *not* to assume the location of the document, and use relative
URLs instead.  (For instance, to get to the NewHi.gif picture, the URL
would be "../../pics/NewHi.gif", rather than "/pics/NewHi.gif".)

I've included some explanation of this, as well as a more consolidated
overview of the setup, in the coordinator's doc:


As before, please try it out, and let me know how the scheme works,
and how it doesn't work, for you.


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