[PYTHON META-SIG] Creating sub-newsgroups

Mark Hammond MHammond@skippinet.com.au
Mon, 11 Nov 1996 09:17:54 +1000

> From:          "Paul Everitt" <paul@digicool.com>
> > Jack Jansen wrote:
> > If the windows-sig discussed this, why not use them as a testcase? I
> > guess that that's also the biggest group (although this may spark
> > linux and tk subgroups too, which will probably also be big from the
> > amoutns of postings).
> I would tend to agree with this.  If the PythonWin list (combined with
> other forums for discussing WPY and wxPython) couldn't warrant it, I
> doubt anything else could.

The windows discussion pretty much ended up with the observation we 
should move Pythonwin traffic back to the main list, so we can 
justify the additional groups.  My only problem with this is that I 
find the existing list unmanagable (via EMail anyway), so adding 
Windows stuff back into it may mean I miss many many more postings I 
should see.

I would have thought we could issue a CFV, and hardly anyone would 
oppose the idea, but I admit to being totally clueless in this 
regard.  I also admit to not really being willing or able to do all 
that by myself - I'd need help and hand-holding :-)

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