[PYTHON META-SIG] Organized web archives of the PSA SIG mailing lists - review

Andrew Kuchling amk@magnet.com
Mon, 14 Oct 1996 13:34:03 -0400 (EDT)

	[Sent to both the locator-sig and meta-sig... which one is

> - The text overlaps the fancy blue line at the left, which isn't very
> readable.

	<Shrug> I'm no typographer, and just put that in for
compatibility with the rest of the python.org site; it can just as
easily be removed.

> - The threading doesn't seem to work very well for pythonmac-sig.

	Ouch, you're right.  A sizable number of the pythonmac-sig
postings have the In-Reply-To line in a different format from what I
was expecting.  It's now fixed, along with a few other dumb threading

	Incidentally, this is a good point to comment that if you
notice any formatting irregularities while browsing the archive for
your favorite SIG, please e-mail me at amk@magnet.com about them.  I
can't read through every posting (or even every archive) and see if it
came out OK.  You may not necessarily get a reply--frankly, I expect
to get buried in e-mail by this request-- but the problems will be
looked at and, hopefully, fixed.

	Andrew Kuchling

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