Michael McLay mclay@fermi
Fri, 20 Sep 1996 11:43:25 GMT

Guido van Rossum writes:
 > I know I'm supposed to be working on other stuff, but I'd like to at
 > least start a discussion on weeding some of the SIGs that appear
 > particularly idle.  My list of SIGS that could perhaps be tossed
 > includes:

How about just separating the list into two section.  Put <H1>Inactive
SIGS</h1> at the end of the current list and then move all the groups
that haven't been posted in for three months in that section.  Given
infinite time and money this could of course be automated, but for now
it would be more efficient to just cut and paste in emacs.:-)

 > locator -- unless Jim F's (interesting!) proposal finds a home here,
 > 	it seems that this kind of stuff is best discussed in a
 > 	different forum

Jim's posting just reopened this discussion.  It's only idle because
of a lack of people with time to contribute.

Ok, let's move the next four to the inactive section.

 > gui -- nothing seems to be happening, so why leave it around?
 > db -- now that the db modules have been given away, what will become
 > 	of them?
 > objc -- perhaps merge with a possible Next-related SIG?
 > progenv -- I'd hate to see this go, but nothing is happening...
 > efactory -- I can't remember the discussion to get this started, and
 > 	the archive shows it's not really happening...

The efactory was started a little early, but I do see an increase in
interest in using Python for factory control applications.  I'm in the
process of writing up some web pages on the subject which might help
stimulate participation in the group.


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