Earl Spillar me@galaxies.uwyo.edu
Thu, 19 Sep 96 14:59:12 -0600

I too would like to see the ObjC continue; I am hoping to get more active 

as soon as I can get 1.4 built on my Openstep platform.  I guess that's not
much defense, just a hint of commitment of participation from me in the future.

It would make sense to merge it into a *step sig; most of us are probably using

An example is my current problem building 1.4b3 on Openstep.  Has anyone
have any luck?  1.3 built without even patching.  The two obvious problems
that showed up as errors on the build were a redefinition of hypot, which 

was easy to fix with some /* */ and a dangling linker reference to 

strdup (which really bothers me because it looks to me like it's in 1.3
but doesn't bomb for some reason... )

Anyway, I patched that too, but the executable dies.  My first susption is my
patch though.

Earl Spillar

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