[C++-SIG] RE: [META-SIG] Terminating comatose SIGs

Ken Manheimer klm@python.org
Wed, 17 Dec 1997 14:12:21 -0500 (EST)

Note that i reinstated the entries for the SIGs that were proposed to be
retired - i'm sorry, i was much too hasty in my action.  ("Bailiff, whap
his ...")  

What i *propose* is that sig managers, who should all be on this list,
all suggest a wrap-up date for their sigs, and others can comment on
those dates if they feel a burning need.  (Understand that the wrap-up
date should not be too far in the future, but may just be a time to
revisit the issue of the SIG's retirment, to be extended if it's clear
that the SIG is active.)  If you have a SIG that really is inactive,
consider immediate retirement as a good, and revocable, option.

I've put back all the entries, and did not mean to circumvent any
objections - i did not see some of them that are circulating...

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