[PYTHON META-SIG] proposal for PATTERN-SIG mission statement

Dinu Gherman Dinu Gherman <gherman@embl-heidelberg.de>
Thu, 13 Mar 97 18:53:42 +0100

Fred L. Drake wrote:
> I'd also remove the word "other" in any case; that implies that
> Python is also a "bastardized version of (so-called) object-oriented
> scripted language;" not the impression we're shooting for, and not
> terribly accurate either!  ;-)

Well, you're right, of course. A more polite form would be
perfectly in order. Grammatically, though, this could be
elegantly solved by inserting a comma after 'other', I be-
lieve (native speakers, correct me, please), yielding the

"... than any other, bastardized version of (so-called)
object-oriented scripted languages."

Of course, I am not insisting on this solution... ;-)


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