[PYTHON META-SIG] proposal for PATTERN-SIG mission statement

Dinu Gherman Dinu Gherman <gherman@embl-heidelberg.de>
Fri, 14 Mar 97 12:39:55 +0100

Fred wrote:
> I think I'd prefer "... than other object-oriented scripting
> languages" and just leave it.  Non-technical commentary on other
> languages should be left for Advocacy-SIG.  ;-)

As I said, no problem! I hope there will be some more
comments on the proposal's content. I'm not sure how this will
go on and how you, the PSA will adopt a new sig or not, or if
there is a formal procedure or not. If it is formal to
whatever degree I'd like to point you to a tiny e-voting tool
I've written recently, where I could add a simple poll
anytime. It's far from being finished, but might be of
certain use in some near future. Is there something similar,
done in Python? Would that be useful for the PSA in general?
Well, give it a try by adding "WebVote/" to my home below.



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