[PYTHON META-SIG] Re: pattern-sig -- tired of waiting...

Marc-Andre Lemburg lemburg@uni-duesseldorf.de
Thu, 27 Mar 1997 22:32:56 +0100

Barry A. Warsaw wrote:
> >>>>> "ML" == Marc-Andre Lemburg <lemburg@uni-duesseldorf.de> writes:
>     ML> Ahem. Didn't you get all the mails concerning BSCW and setting
>     ML> up a server to work on ? The mission can't be much more exact
>     ML> because it is the very nature of patterns and the like to be
>     ML> as general as possible.
> I've got some of them, and I've taken a look at BSCW.  It's got some
> cool features (although it seems unusable with Grail :-( ).  I'm a

Hmm. Haven't tested that yet -- the maintainers said something
about not being 100% HTML2.0... mail them your problem -- I'm sure
they'll fix it (and if you hurry, they might even fix it for the next

> little worried about its experimental nature and it less-than-open
> policy:
>     "So, there are wuite sone "don't do's" like: don't do any serious
>      work with it, don't create other, personal workspaces, don't
>      upload huge files and don't invite the whole Python community."

Yep, that's probably because Dinu wanted to first get a feel for
it (it's running on his machine... something that'll have to change,
if access speed is too slow). No need to worry, though, the BSCW
server itself is free and very robust (there'll be a Version 3.0
soon) -- it even has a version mechanism.

> If BSCW were to be an intergral part of PatternSIG, it ought to be
> open to any member of the SIG, which is potentially open to anybody.

Of course... we'd just need a pointer in www.python.org with
some explanations as how to reach the BSCW server.

> I certainly don't mean to take anything away from BSCW itself.  It
> looks really cool!

Ehh... why doesn't the CNRI give it a try and installs it as SIG-
playground for all SIGs to use ? Then you have all the control
you want and I'm sure everybody will be pleased with it.

>     ML> The goal is to make code available that implements at least
>     ML> some of the GOF-patterns in a reusable way. Apart from that,
>     ML> gathering all the idioms and tricks floating around the net is
>     ML> a very useful task and should be done by someone, so why not
>     ML> us ?  Our "products" would then be web pages explaining these
>     ML> findings.
> Great.  A SIG mission statement written with this focus is what I'm
> looking for!

As far as I understood Fredriks posting (the one that started
this alias list), there already is a mission statement. Maybe it
needs some further enhancement [but then: who needs it anyway?],
so something like the above might be added. I never thought of
pattern-sig as being a mere chitchat.

> I don't want to be a stick in the mud.  There's no formal process for
> voting on SIG creation (maybe there needs to be one as the PSA
> grows).  I didn't get an overwhelming clamor from hordes of people to
> start a PatternSIG and I suspect most people are just unsure what such
> a SIG would accomplish.  A more focused mission statement might help
> with this.  See:
>     <http://www.python.org/sigs/guidelines.html>
> Then I'll put it to a `vote' on meta-sig and see what the response is.

Cool. That's my man :-)

-- cheers,


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