[PYTHON META-SIG] Re: pattern-sig -- tired of waiting...

Michael McLay mclay@nist.gov
Fri, 28 Mar 1997 09:19:08 -0500

Marc-Andre Lemburg writes:
 > Barry A. Warsaw wrote:
 > > I certainly don't mean to take anything away from BSCW itself.  It
 > > looks really cool!
 > Ehh... why doesn't the CNRI give it a try and installs it as SIG-
 > playground for all SIGs to use ? Then you have all the control
 > you want and I'm sure everybody will be pleased with it.

At the PSA steering committee meeting last week there was a discussion
of what tools to add to the www.python.org site to support group
collaboration.  Digital Creations and SAIC have a couple Python based
applications that will be installed RSN.  Hopefully the upgrade to the
www capabilities will make SIG management much easier.

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