[META-SIG] Switchover to mailman

Friedrich, Robin K Robin.K.Friedrich@USAHQ.UnitedSpaceAlliance.com
Thu, 26 Feb 1998 08:07:21 -0600

One (of probably several) mailman comment I noticed right away. I didn't
see a way to simply change the email address for myself (I'm the record
holder for the longest work address:-(, and I wanted to change this to
my pythonpros address). The old paradigm is of course to unsubscribe and
resubscribe under a new address. With this tool it ought to be simple
(since we have passwords) to directly change the address information in
place. Just a suggestion.

Also, I'll be happy to tweak the web pages for appearance sake and
possibly integrate HTMLgen if Ken/John wants. 

Robin K. Friedrich
MCC/IPS Ops Center
United Space Alliance

PS. I love it!!